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Gertie and Bridget go shopping

“Bridget? Are you home?” The door opened, interrupting Gertie’s pounding, but instead of her sister it was her roommate Patricia who answered, looking mad enough to call the residential advisor. “She’s out,” she said, her words clipped. “Sorry.” Gertie backed away. “Gertie?” Gertie turned to see Bridget at the other end of the hall. Ziggy, their ghost dog, barked and ran from her heels to Gertie. “Ziggy!” Gertie cried, grinning as the dog whooshed up to her face and lapped at her chin. Her baseball cap, firmly on her head and supporting the Wespire Leopards, was enchanted and allowed her to see the ghost of their dead dog. Being licked by a ghost was a cold and unpleasant sensation, but it made Ziggy so happy and it was comforting to have the same relationship in death as they had in life. “Gertie, what are you doing here?” Bridget asked. “Demetrius has a new hat and I want to take a look!” Gertie passed her phone to Bridget and patted Ziggy as best she could until he calmed down. A green tex…

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