Tales of Mundane Magic is a place to read short stories that take place in a magical world much like our own. Sure, along with security systems one must have wards preventing hauntings, and one must be careful of fairies blocking one's path, but there are smart phones and ride sharing and reality TV shows, so it's not extremely different.

The flagship short story series is "Gertie and Bridget," which is about two sisters who go to Flories Boarding School to learn enchanting, play basketball and drink an abundance of tea. Their ghost dog Ziggy likes to hang around, and they do deal with the occasional sea monster, but besides that, their lives are pretty normal.

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About the Author

Shaina Krevat is a software engineer at YouTube, living the dream of working for the company she used to upload to when she thought she was going to be a film director/YouTube Creator. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science, which she views as a perfect metaphor for the combination of art and programming in her life. She has spent her time creating fiction (mostly fantasy) in the form of short films, books, musicals, songs, and most recently short stories, like the ones found in Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One and on this very website.

She lives in Los Angeles with her wonderful dog Atlas, who constantly reminds her that real, live dogs are better than fictional ghost dogs, except when they pee on couches.


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