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Volume One Cover Art by Gloria Kang and Volume Two Cover Art by Igor Canova

You can now have your very own copy of Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One and Volume Two!

Nothing too strange ever happens to Gertie and Bridget Mallon, but things might not be as mundane as they appear...

Volume One is available from IndieBound, Mysterious GalaxyAmazon, and probably your favorite bookseller!
Volume Two is also available from IndieBound, Mysterious Galaxy, Amazon, and probably your favorite bookseller!


For me, it was a good read-while-drinking-your-morning-cuppa book – a light, fun read that evokes the sitcom, mystery, and school-story genres as well as fantasy (kind of like that fantastic book cover). Volume One is a loosely connected series of vignettes that reminded me a bit of the “Tales from Ba Sing Se” episode from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The passage of time is unclear and the stories range from wacky fun to real loss and the danger of unchecked power.
Bean L.
Cute quick read, 10/10 would recommend

Highly recommend purchasing a copy of this book, I loved and adored the stories and characters and had a wonderful time reading. I usually struggle with reading books because of attention issues and I lose focus very quickly but that wasn’t the case at all for Tales of Mundane Magic, I found myself immersed really quickly.
Meg C.
A story that entertains adults but is perfect for younger readers as well, I can't recommend Tales of Mundane Magic enough. A series of short stories that blend together and build on each others, you will find this book enchanting.
K.A. Miltimore
The stories in this book are mainly marketed towards the young adult audience, but even as an older adult I really enjoyed reading about Gertie and Bridget. They brought me back to when I used to read Harry Potter, but I love how the author creates a world where magic and technology coexist and [work] together, rather than in opposition.
Amazon Customer 

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