About the Characters

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Gertie Mallon
“Any problem can be solved with the right combination of magic and ingenuity. Or maybe a hat.”

Gertrude “Gertie” Mallon is the elder daughter of Eloise Mallon and Theodore Mallon née Broker. A whimsical spirit, Gertie has loved collecting hats ever since she was a kid and her mother gifted her several of her old enchanted hats. She’s seventeen years old and a junior at Flories Boarding School, while in her free time she practices potions and spells and frequents enchanted haberdasheries in the hopes of finding a kindred spirit - and maybe something to add to her collection. Her best friend is her younger sister, regardless of the fact that Bridget doesn’t really care about magic. Together with their ghost dog Ziggy, the girls have mishaps and adventures that you can really only solve with enchanted headwear.

Bridget Mallon
“So, not that I think we should rely on magic for decisions or anything, but trust my vision, we should skip that train.”

Bridget Mallon is the younger daughter of Eloise Mallon and Theodore Mallon née Broker. The more practical of the sisters, she spends her time studying for tests, enjoying math, and destroying opponents on the basketball court. When she was young, a magical accident ruined her left eye, which resulted in it being completely white and unable to see normal things. It can, however, see abnormal things. Though annoyed by being constantly bombarded by visions of the future and the various spells that surround her, Bridget can admit that without her eye, she never would have seen Ziggy, the ghost of the girls’ beloved dog. She’s fifteen and a sophomore at Flories Boarding School, and spends her time with her best friend and older sister, Gertie, as well as any other friends they pick up along the way. She never would have imagined enjoying living away from home, but the freedom is oddly addicting. If only there was a way to get magic to stop interfering.

Ziggy “Mallon”
Bark! Bark bark woof.”

Ziggy was Gertie and Bridget’s pet dog. He lived with the family for many years, before passing away from old age. Due to his love for the family, his ghost decided to stick around. Normally, this would go unnoticed and he would eventually move on, but because Bridget has an enchanted eye, she was able to see and acknowledge him. Gertie went on to commission a custom enchanted hat that allowed her to see Ziggy as well, and now he follows them around Flories Boarding School. He likes lounging in their beds and chasing the ghosts of cats, and just generally doing dog stuff without feeling pain, peeing on the sofa, or getting sick. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t figured out how to chew a bone again.

Ernest Yilnog
by hoppips.tumblr.com
“I don’t get why people don’t like magic. I think they just don’t like obvious magic. They’re fine with self-driving cars and magically cooked food because they think it could all just be science. And my music, people love my music.”

Ernest Yilnog is the youngest descendant of one of the most powerful witch families in Crescyth. His relatives use their magical gifts in service of science, the military, and furthering the world’s knowledge. He uses it to make nice music.

Vivien Shew
“I didn’t know how addicting magic could be. Do you think there’s an Anonymous group for it?”

by charminglyantiquated.tumblr.com
Vivien Shew is from the west coast of Crescyth, and as such has a bit of an accent and a predisposition to think of magic as dangerous. That hasn’t stopped her from experimenting, but she can never let her parents know.

Charlie Nessing
“There’s a finite number of things I care about in this world. My siblings are one of them. Best you don’t go messing with that.”

by merwild.tumblr.com
Charles “Charlie” Nessing is the middle child of the Nessing siblings. He and his siblings were transferred to Flories Boarding School during his junior year because of some problems at their previous school. If you ask Charlie, his father decided that his political career was more important than Charlie doing what he enjoyed, but if you ask anyone else, the dark arts are not to be trifled with and it was probably for the best. Nevertheless, Charlie loves magic with a burning passion, and nothing can get in the way of that.

Peter Nessing
by @samazkma
“Life is easy if you’re prepared. Get hurt a lot? Wear a necklace that heals you. Bullies like to pick on magic kids? Learn martial arts. Supposed to rain? Know how to cast a water proofing spell.”

Peter Nessing is the eldest of the Nessing siblings. He was transferred to Flories Boarding School with his younger brother and sister during his final year of high school due to an incident involving a group of kids and advanced summoning practices. He wasn’t a part of it, but anywhere his siblings go, he goes, so he went to Flories and immediately joined the swim team. Peter wears a necklace that’s constantly healing him, but the Nessing siblings are mum as to its purpose. It sure comes in handy during fights, though. Not that he searches for trouble, but it sure likes to find him.

Faye Nessing
“Animals are innocent, don’t you see? Humanoids and animoids are able to think complexly, but animals just have their instincts. They don’t bite you to be passive aggressive, they bite because they’re scared or hungry. They’re a lot better than people in that way.”
by @igorcanova

Faye Nessing is the youngest of the Nessing siblings, and the one that suggested Flories Boarding School as a good place to transfer. Not that she doesn’t love her parents, but it was getting too chaotic with her father’s campaign so a boarding school was perfect. She doesn’t get along with her roommates, but besides her brothers, she doesn’t get along well with people. Her dream is to become a veterinarian, and she’s well on her way. It’s just too bad freshmen aren’t allowed to take Anatomy and Physiology yet.


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