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Gertie and Bridget stop for a bite

“Starlights.” “Bottomless Pit.” “Starlights.” “Bottomless Pit!” “Starlights!” “Just stop it!” Bridget shouted to the back of the minivan, where Peter and Faye Nessing had been arguing. “Why would I go to a place that advertises endless greasy food?” Faye asked, quoting the billboards they had been seeing since they entered the state of Perria. “Why would we go to a chain we can go to any time?” Peter countered. “Bottomless Pit is a chain!” “But only in Perria!” “Shut up!” Gertie yelled. There was a blissful moment of silence. “I think the real question is why any of us would choose to willingly ingest salad,” Ernest mumbled. Faye scowled. “If I have to sit in a restaurant with the smell of chicken and beef, I’m going to throw up.” “We both know that’s not true,” Peter said, rolling his eyes. “Okay, look,” Vivien pointed at a road sign. “This exit has a gas station, a Starlights, a Bottomless Pit, and a Burger Palace for good measure. We’re stopping and we’ll split up for lunch.” Vivien directed the …