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Gertie and Bridget sleep under the stars

“Why?” Faye shouted at the form of her sleeping, ostrich-shaped brother. He let out what was approximately a snore, and continued his rest. Cobs of corn, stripped of their kernels by his beak, lay around him. The group of travellers had been stopping periodically during their drive through masses of cornfields, either for refueling, stretching, or fresh produce at farm stands. Each time, it turned out Charlie the ostrich had picked out ripe cobs to munch on. At the end of the day, they had stopped in the middle of the endless stretch of corn stalks on the side of the road to take pictures of the setting sun and the stars dotting the sky. With light pollution, they just didn’t see views like this back home. But Charlie, unable to use a camera without hands, sat down, ate some more, and, completely stuffed, fell into an unwakeable sleep in the little picturesque clearing. “He always did sleep through anything,” Faye grumbled, folding her knees and wrapping her arms around them as she sat o…

Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One is Now Available!

You can now have your very own copy of Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One!
Nothing too strange ever happens to Gertie and Bridget Mallon, but things might not be as mundane as they appear...
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Gertie and Bridget do not get mauled by a gorilla

A huge brown gorilla stared down at Gertie, Bridget, and their friends, snorting wildly. There was nowhere they could go; the mammal blocked the path between the exhibits, and if they tried to turn and run it would surely catch them. Someone was releasing all the animals in the Norvester zoo, but of course it was just their luck that they ran into something dangerous instead of a tortoise or flamingo or something. “Don’t make eye contact,” Faye insisted, pulling her older brother Peter down by his shirt collar. “We don’t want to make her angry.” Everyone jerked their heads down; Charlie’s ostrich neck bent in a U like a shower head, and Gertie took notice of the fake animal footprints in the concrete. “Can’t you talk to it?” Bridget whispered. “You talk to animals all the time!” “Ones I have the enchantment for!” Faye shot back. “I don’t…” she looked over her rings and bracelets and necklaces, and paused. “Okay, I’m going to hope that my monkey charm works, and if it doesn’t, we all need t…

Gertie and Bridget go to the zoo

“We lost a lot of time yesterday,” Bridget said, stretching. “We need to pack up, check out, and get on the road to make up for it today.” Gertie sighed. “Okay, I’ll take a really really fast shower.” Bridget’s phone rang and she recognized the number of Dr. Farwell, the man who had hired them to drive across the country to deliver a package that was too magical, and too alive, to be shipped. The egg that the sisters had unknowingly bought at a yard sale was incredibly rare, and Dr. Farwell’s research center wanted a chance to study the storm owl it contained before releasing it into its natural habitat. “Hello?” Bridget answered it on speaker so Gertie and the rest of their friends could hear. “Miss Mallon?” Dr. Farwell asked. “Speaking.” “Hi! I’m so sorry to tell you this, but it seems we were not able to make the arrangements for the storm owl egg as quickly as I had thought.” He sounded very apologetic, which put Bridget on edge. “I won’t be flying back to Visby for a few more days. The…