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Gertie and Bridget stop for gas

The minivan was beeping again. “Time for a refill,” Vivien said, looking at the fuel gauge on her car. “I’m really starting to doubt that Dr. Farwell’s payment would have covered both renting a car and the gas it would take,” Bridget said, looking at her record of the fees they had already incurred on their road trip to deliver a magical egg without renting. “Well, he probably didn’t expect that there’d be six people,” Gertie said. “And an ostrich. That has to impact how much we’re eating.” Charlie, a fellow student who had accidentally turned himself into an ostrich, honked in agreement from the trunk of the minivan, where he was sitting on a bunch of pillows, blankets, and the suitcases everyone else had brought. Vivien directed the magical auto-driver of her minivan to take them to the nearest gas station to refuel. “Okay everyone, let’s meet back here in fifteen minutes and get back on the road,” Bridget said, stretching after climbing out from the backseat. Charlie made a strange squawk…

Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One is going to be a book!

Tales of Mundane Magic is going to be a book!
You can pre-order the paperback copies here and the Kindle version here.

Gertie and Bridget hit the road

“What did you do?” Vivien screamed from the driver’s seat as the tornado bore down on them. “I don’t know!” Gertie stared at the phosphorescent statue sitting in the open box on her lap and back to the tornado. “It just started glowing!” “Well, find a way to make it stop glowing!” Ernest shouted. “Before we get blown off the road!”
*** Three Days Earlier
“Whoa!” came a shout from Bridget’s room. “What?” Gertie yelled back, curled up on her bed and listening to one of her favorite CDs. If there was one thing she loved about the summer, it was being back home listening to all of her music, sleeping in her own bed, and keeping cool in the central air conditioning. “Look!” Bridget barged into Gertie’s room and shoved the laptop under her nose. Gertie took it from her and began reading the email on the screen. “That guy who bought that weird rock statue? He still wants it!” Bridget said. Gertie frowned. “I thought we weren’t allowed to mail it.” The sisters had bought a box of assorted magical parap…