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Bonus #2: Gertie and Bridget hit up the casino

Note: This is a bonus story, titled by a reader. It takes place long after the events of the stories that are otherwise on this website. It is considered canon until another actually-canon story contradicts it. You can see the suggestions for story titles by readers here. Enjoy!
“Come on,” Bridget said, grabbing her sister’s hand and literally dragging her out of the hotel room. “What?” Gertie protested but still followed her sister. “If you stay in there all night, you’re going to worry yourself sick and be exhausted for tomorrow.” Gertie wished she could say that she was fine, and that she was not worried, and that she knew everything was going to go off without a hitch. Instead, she admitted, “I just know things are going to go wrong, because things always go wrong, and I want it to be small things and not big things, you know?” Bridget nodded and turned a corner, still dragging her sister by the arm. Gertie looked around and realized where she was being taken. “Bridget...What are you d…