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Bonus #1: Gertie and Bridget dig a hole

Note: This is a bonus story, titled by a reader. It takes place long before the events of the stories that are otherwise on this website. It is considered canon until another actually-canon story contradicts it. You can see the suggestions for story titles by readers here. Enjoy!

Gertie and Bridget sat in their living room, eyes glued to the TV where puppets were discussing the merits of eating healthy. Only their father was aware of the puppeteers, just off-camera and using their magic to control the characters’ movements. “That’s it!” Their father Theodore said, and the TV went dark. Gertie and Bridget blinked at their reflections on the screen for a moment, and then turned toward their dad, who had grabbed the remote from where they left it on the couch. “Go play outside,” he said, his face red. If he heard another song about carrots he was going to lose his mind. “But we don’t want to,” Gertie said. “We want to watch TV.” “It’s good for you. You need the sun,” their father insisted. H…