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Gertie and Bridget go to graduation

“Okay, sign the card and we’re all ready to go!” Vivien said, capping the marker she’d been using. It was graduation day at Flories Boarding School. Usually, Gertie and Bridget Mallon had nothing to do with such an event, but this year they’d made a group of friends, and one of them was graduating. “I hope Ernest is excited,” Gertie said, smoothing out the dress slacks she wore. “Of course he is,” Bridget said. She grabbed a pen and signed the bottom of the card Vivien had made. There was a drawing of the four friends across the top, and Bridget smiled sadly. It wouldn’t be the same without Ernest. She passed the card off to Gertie to sign. “Card, check,” Vivien said, slipping it into an envelope and sealing it. “Present, check.” Gertie had a wrapped box sitting on her desk with a good microphone for recording music in it. “Jackets?” Bridget suggested, looking out Gertie’s window at the overcast sky. “Don’t need one!” Gertie said, placing a pageboy hat on her head that would make her and her…