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Gertie and Bridget go to a yard sale

“Ten dollars,” Bridget said, countering the man’s offer. He sighed. “Fine, take the jacket.” Bridget pulled the bill out of her wallet and handed it to the man. She slipped the Fairweather jacket over her shoulders, smiling as it magically lengthened and grew to fit her, since its previous owner had clearly been much more petite. The material reacted to the sunlight, making the gray shimmer in blues and greens. It was quite the find, after digging through the large boxes of clothes where everything was marked as “name your price.” Bridget loved going to yard sales. Gertie looked through the potted plants sitting on a plastic folding table. She shifted aside the vines and leaves in search of stickers denoting prices, only to find the names of the plants instead. Her mouth popped open in a gasp, and she picked up one of the plastic pots. “Is this a milkberry vine?” she asked the man running the sale. “I don’t know.” He glanced over it. “I’ll give it to you for three dollars though, since it…

Gertie and Bridget go on a field trip

Thanks to the success of the bake sale, largely driven by Vivien’s school-famous cupcakes, the entirety of Flories Boarding School’s Magic Club was going on a field trip. At six am sharp on a Saturday morning, the twenty or so students filed onto the bright blue school bus. It pulled out of the parking lot, and the club began the three hour drive to the coast. Gertie took her seat next to Bridget, with Vivien and Ernest taking the two in front of them. “I can’t believe how long this is going to take,” Ernest said, pulling out his phone to decide what music to listen to. Vivien rolled her eyes and sat up on her knees to look over the back of her seat and talk to Gertie and Bridget. “What do you think it’s going to be like?” she asked. “I’ve never been out of the country before. This kind of counts, right?” Bridget nodded. “I mean, we did have to bring passports.” Mr. Jerson, the Magic Club’s faculty advisor, was talking with an unfamiliar man whose hair had been dyed a bright green. He nodd…