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Bridget takes the wheel

“What’s the first thing you do?” Gertie asked, sitting in the passenger seat of Vivien’s minivan in the student parking lot of Flories Boarding School. Bridget reached to push the ignition button. Gertie caught her wrist. “No. Now you fail.” “For trying to start the car?” Bridget said. “Yep. Try again.” Bridget looked around the car for a sign of what to do. She noticed Gertie not wearing her seatbelt. “Let me guess. Buckle up for safety?” she asked. Gertie smiled and nodded and clicked her seatbelt in place. “People actually fail for that?” Bridget asked. “Yep.” Vivien leaned forward, against the back of Gertie’s seat. “One of my best friends back home ranted about it for ages.” “That just seems like a trick,” Bridget said. “You are responsible for the safety of your passengers,” Gertie said, in full teacher mode. “Now, pull out of the parking lot before Vivien changes her mind.” Bridget pushed the green “start” button and the car rumbled to life. She took a deep breath to calm herself, clicke…

Gertie and Bridget watch fireworks

“Hey, boy, it’s okay.” The fireworks continued to thump and fizz in the background and Ziggy the ghost dog continued to whine, hiding under Gertie’s bed. “We can’t even put a thunder jacket on him,” Bridget said, running her hand through her long hair. “It was never this bad when he was alive.” “They were never this close when he was alive,” Gertie grumbled. The fireworks were being set off in the field on campus in honor of the Flories Falcons football team, which had made it to the playoffs. Even Gertie could feel the vibration of the fireworks like a bass track cranked to its max volume. Ziggy shivered, his whole body tense from the stress. A spectacularly loud firework went off, echoing off the building next door and sounding like it was in the room with them. Ziggy yelped and ran. Right through the wall and into the hallway. “Ziggy!” Bridget cried, yanking the door open to follow him. Gertie ran after her, holding her baseball cap (the only thing that allowed her to see and hear their g…

Gertie and Bridget join a club

“COME JOIN THE MAGIC CLUB,” read big, bold letters on a flyer pinned to the dorm bulletin board, impossible for Gertie to miss even before her morning tea. Meeting in faculty sponsor Mr. Jerson’s room, Haste 209, Fridays from 4-5. Don’t have to bring anything but yourselves! Sincerely, Club President Charlie Nessing.


Gertie managed to drag Bridget and Ernest along with her to the meeting, while Vivien came willingly. “It’s those guys who beat up Jodie and Nick and their group,” Ernest said. “Do we really need more bullies in our lives?” “Maybe there will be others who are interested in magic,” Gertie argued. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have more friends?” Gertie wore a black, wide-brimmed hat that she wore to functions where entertainment was key. The flyer didn’t state to bring any magical demonstrations, but she figured it wouldn’t hurt. As they walked, she practiced releasing colorful sparks from her hands, using the powers granted to her by the hat. She even managed to shape them into a …